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Main Forum Rules

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Dołączył: 05 Kwi 2008
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PostWysłany: Sob 17:49, 05 Kwi 2008    Temat postu: Main Forum Rules

1. Shows
a.) You have to be registred account to take part in shows.
b.) You don't have to have registered stud, but...
c.) ...Horses which are taking part in shows HAVE TO be registred in HSC (here)
d.) Every misunderstoods bonded with marking each breed have to be reported to judge marking this breed ONLY on PM. Offtopic in show topic will be punished by warning.
e.) There are three grous- Warmblood horses, Heavy horses and Ponies.
f.) There will be general, group, breed and express shows.

2. Warnings
a.) Every account has 5 warnings.
b.) After 5 warnings account will be banned without possibility of backing to HSC (his IP will be blocked.)
c.) We will give warnings for not obeying the rules.
d.) If account thinks, that warning which he was given is unsenceable or that he didn't do anything wrong, he HAS TO repport it to admin, and he/she will take care of it and maybe erease the warning.

3. Posts
a.) A post has to be senceable, posts like 'hmm...','ohh','aha' aren't allowed.
b.) GrAsS is absolutley forbidden
c.) 'Pokemon' writing (luff, ILVU) is allowed, but it may meet with disapproval.
d.) Censore expletives said to be 'sharp'

4. Public Relations on HSC
a.) Quarells are forbidden, but discussion aren't
b.) Bad names are forbidden too, but not in fun.
c.) Criticating comments about stud are allowed, if they aren't so bad.
d.) Private things- only on PM

Have a good fun
Main forum admin

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